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The Duffryn Photo project is a three-month body of work taken over the course of late January 2020, too late March. Inspired by the premise of Jamie Hawksworth's, Preston Bus garage, and Nigel Shafran's, Teenage precinct shoppers is the documentation of a period, taken in one single location. This is a project created on the outskirts of Newport, Wales, that combines a series of portraits and landscapes, which define the surroundings. This was a project which was made by developing connections on the estate, talking to residents and gaining their trust, to make images that reflect everyday life. In doing so, the project highlights themes of Motherhood, Youth culture and the relationship with Nature, through the unique design of the estate. I have chosen to title my images from text, taken from Dylan Thomas poems to further understand the landscape of Wales and Welsh Culture. This was to further define the key values and feelings which resonate through the estate, respect, community and freedom.

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